“Change is inevitable.
Growth is optional”

– John C. Maxwell –

There is no doubt that the global pandemic has changed the way we move through our days. Change is interesting because it forces us to respond, sometimes in ways that differ from what we are used to. That makes change hard and, sometimes, rather uncomfortable.

But change can also present opportunities to push boundaries that unknowingly have become limiting factors for growth and potential. If Yoga and Ayurveda have taught me anything over the last 2 decades of study and practice, it is this: life is a process of continuously navigating the ebb and flow of change that presents itself with each passing breath.

Where Yoga prompts you to engage in the unfolding of the moment consciously, Ayurveda helps you clarify the impact of those moments AND the necessary actions you must take to flourish in health and happiness.

My practices have helped me overcome some pretty intense times – from cancer and miscarriage to divorce and depression. Not to mention navigating one heck of a few years as a new business…

They’ve also been instrumental in my parenting strategy, in all of my relationships really, and in developing the necessary attitudes that support my best and healthiest self-care practices.

And it is because of this that Aumbience Yoga is expanding its digital offerings. Yes, in-person classes will continue in 2023, however, I am excited to announce a new opportunity to learn and practice Yoga and Ayurveda with me.

The AUM@home virtual studio will offer you the flexibility of on-demand classes and training which means you can plug and play whenever and wherever you need support on your Yoga journey. And with the wisdom of Ayurveda infused in each offering, you’ll find health and healing strategies filtering into so many aspects of your day long after you roll up your yoga mat.

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AUM@home is a space that welcomes you to step into the process that is your life adventure whole-heartedly. And I can’t wait to journey with you.

Yours in health and happiness, Namaste.


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