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Founder/Lead Instructor, mother, cancer warrior, adventure racer, crafter

Who am I?

Growing up in Yellowknife meant short seasons of endless summer nights where the darkness never truly fell, where bug repellent was the only perfume, and lakes and rivers swelled with fish, fowl and other native wildlife.

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Week 32 – The Practice

With summer winding down and schedules soon to shift, I’m making it a priority to spend less time typing and scrolling, and more time biking, hiking and connecting face to face. How about you - are you ready to be rewired and make some new connections?

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Week 30 – The Practice

Writing has become an unintentional form of processing, and in processing, acknowledging and healing the stuff that has unknowingly been piling up in the recesses of my mind spilling over into my body and heart. The stuff I write about isn’t uniquely my stuff, but rather stuff that we all share and experience.

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  • Patched bucket

Week 29 – The Practice

You know that song where Liza sends Henry off to collect a pail of water only for Henry to discover that there is a hole in the bucket? And repeatedly he comes up against roadblocks and challenges to fix it? I’d say I’m having one of those ‘leaky bucket’ weeks myself.

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  • Dharmic puzzle

Week 28 – The Practice

Like pieces of a mystery jigsaw puzzle, understanding your dharma is a practice of seeing yourself not as a collection of broken bits, but rather colourful pieces and parts that uniquely fit together thus enabling you to fulfill your life’s purpose with a confidence and grace wrapped up in the truth at your heart.

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Week 27 – The Practice

We are immensely complex and layered beings, yet by way of the kosha, we can simplify our parts to more clearly see the truth of who we are. Imagine each kosha like five unique lampshades covering a light. The source of the light, is the truth of our selves. Each lampshade that layers on top of the one beneath has a different colour and density therefore changing the light we ‘see’.

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