Week 2 – The Practice

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    Well, what a week it has been. There have been some really great highs and really challenging lows, each revealing unique objections that threaten to sway me from my 2021 intentions that I so determinedly solidified last week.

    Tuesday evening as I sat nestled on my couch with a full glass of wine and a belly full of homemade and utterly fattening but mouth-wateringly good Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo and two, yes two, big slices of non-gluten free Angel Food Cake topped with Coconut Whip Cream, I ruminated on why it is so bloody hard to stick to ‘best laid plans’.

    First it’s a birthday, then it’s a holiday, or even just the end of a long day or week. 

    So how does one stick to the plan for change and betterment? I came up with this :

    What’s getting in my way? What so I need? What do I want? What am I craving?

    Comfort. I’m craving comfort. I want comfort food; something home cooked, heavy, dense, warming, nourishing and to quote Pooh bear “yummy in my tummy” good. Then I realized that my comfort craving extends well beyond the tip of my tongue. I want my comfy pants, a comfy blanket and a comfy place to sit at night (all of which I so very gratefully have and obviously are not taking time to appreciate). I also want hugs from friends and comrades and the reassurance that it is all going to be ok.

    Ruminating on these self-indulgent thoughts, I found myself sinking into the couch feeling plain right down in the dumps.

    Then I went to bed. 

    The next morning, rolling lethargically out from under the covers (thank you wine, butter, and whip cream), I walked down the hall to the living room where I joined my husband and son in their morning routines. It was there that it hit me. To take control of my cravings, I have to not only change my habits, but change my sense taste. I need to ‘cleanse the palette’ as they say and and take the complacency out of my comfortability. 

    So, that morning I had something different for breakfast, I put on something I haven’t worn in years and I went for my first run in a very long time. Later on also said no to something, I stood up for something else, and signed up for something new. I also took time that evening to clean and purge a closet, reorganize a drawer, rearrange a room and reaffirm the importance and purpose behind my journaling and meditation practices. 

    And then I sat down in stillness and silently repeated thank you, over and over again. 

    It’s a powerful thing gratitude, and it’s something I need to practice more of for it helps me to stop and genuinely acknowledge the good fortune of my life, my home, my body and my abilities. 

    What do you find repeatedly getting in your way?

    What do YOU need, what are YOU craving?

    What are you doing to support that?

    What kind of gratitude practices do you have in place that you habitually make space for?

    I’d love to hear. Leave a comment or send me an email and share YOUR experiences. Even as a teacher, I’m always and forever a student first.