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    “Yoga is firstly for individual growth, but through individual growth, society and community develop.” – BKS Iyengar

    For those of you that don’t know me, let me introduce myself. I’m Michelle Robinson, multidisciplinary yoga and meditation teacher, Ayurveda Consultant and founder of Aumbience Yoga & Wellness. My practice and study of yoga began in the late ’90s when, in the living room of my quaint apartment, I’d jam myself between the oversized coffee table and television screen to bend, stretch and breath. Practicing at home was fine and dandy, but only if I could squeeze it in between my roommates schedule, and if I could rein my attention to the tv screen and not on the dust bunnies and chip crumbs that hid under the couch. 

    With more interruption than practice most days, I found myself searching for a quieter place to learn yoga, outside of my home. Fast forward a couple years, a transition to a new home and city, where I came upon a charming little yoga studio while out running errands. Peeking in the window I remember thinking, I might as well give it a try and see what a class is like in a  space dedicated to this thing called yoga.

    Later that evening, I was blown away by how different an in-studio session was compared to that of my disrupted home practice. Aside from the teacher offering a beautifully cued variety of options and adjustments, it was the energy of the space and the other students in it that had me feeling like I was recharging what I didn’t even realize was depleted. And the savasana… whoa! Unlike any other deep relaxation and rest I had ever experienced. I left that practice feeling more alive than I had in a long time and I couldn’t wait to get back for more. 

    I soon came to know many of the students at the studio, some of whom are still close friends to this day. I also learned that aside from further developing my yoga practice, community was what I had been looking for, and exactly what I needed. Surrounded by so many kind and keen individuals, practicing in the studio helped me to not only access a deeper level in my physical practice, but also helped me remain committed to my health, inspired to keep learning, and I always left feeling happier and more at peace.

    Although not traditional to the relatively solitary path of yoga, I firmly believe that it is because of community that many of my dreams and aspirations have come to life – Aumbience being one of them. Called sangha in Sanskrit, this is a term meant to describe the network of people who collectively share in self-care practices. Aumbience is more than a big open space to practice postures – it is a sanga, a community of individuals just like you who are carving out bits of time every chance they get to learn, to breath, to rest, to recharge, to contribute and to connect more deeply to themselves and one another.

    I know I speak for all of us here at Aumbience when I say that it is a joy to share in the gifts of yoga with you and to support the uniqueness that you bring to the community. We look forward to seeing you in person soon!