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An Introduction to the Methods & Practices of Yoga

with Michelle Robinson

Have you been wanting to give yoga a try but are unsure where to start? Or, are you interested in learning how to safely, functionally and effectively move your body so that you can reduce tension, ease pain and decrease your stress levels? In this 4-week introduction to yoga course, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to learn all of this and more.

Each week you’ll learn bits and pieces of the yoga practice including:

🔹 how to safely practice yoga postures and the importance of alignment

🔹 when to implement modifications and how to use props for support and/or a deeper stretch

🔹 meditation and breath exercises for stress reduction and deep relaxation

🔹 and a brief overview of rich philosophy that will support your long term health and wellness goals

You are encouraged to bring along your own yoga mat, a blanket and or small cushion/pillow, and a water bottle. Geared towards those with little to no experience, however this course is also a great opportunity to unpack and rebuild your existing practice too.


Michelle Marie Robinson
Michelle Marie RobinsonFounder/Lead Instructor, mother, cancer warrior, adventure racer, crafter
In early 2001, I stumbled across the Breathing Space Yoga television series. Teacher Dianne Bruni was guiding a multi-levels Ashtanga practice that I watched with curiosity and awe. For the next couple of days, I sat on the couch and just watched and listened to her cues on the breath and the alignment practice. Before I knew it, I got off the couch, pushed the coffee table back and started to follow along. I had no mat, no props and just enough space between my coffee table and tv stand. For the next couple of years, I followed along with her teachings and various other televised yoga practices. I eventually traded in the rusty orange high pile carpet of my living room for a yoga mat. (Funnily enough, my sister gave me my first mat. It was rusty orange). In 2007 I attended my first in-studio class at a quaint little yoga studio in Halifax. And the rest is history. Over the last decade, I’ve explored and studied various styles of the practice including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Sivananda, Yin & Kundalini yoga along with Chakra, Vipassana and Ayurveda methods for whole mind and body healing. In each class, I offer a translation of my understandings to these teaching in a free-flowing and powerful Vinyasa practice that will leave you feeling strong, calm and at peace. ​eRYT 200, 500, RYS



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