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    In accordance with the Nova Scotia’s provincial government roll out of the vaccine passport, Aumbience Yoga & Wellness will require proof of vaccination for those wishing to participate in in-person classes, workshops and trainings. To make this new requirement as easy as possible for you and our team, and with your approval, you are welcome to email your passport ahead of time which we can then note on your profile for future reference. Or, you are welcome to show it in person at each visit.

    As I shared in class on Saturday morning, what comes to mind for me as this new requirement unfolds for us all wishing to continue to participant in yoga classes and other extra-curricular activities, the yogic practice of equanimity come to mind. In the teachings of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, it is suggested that there are four mindsets or attitudes, called vrttis in Sanskrit, one can practice in the world of relationship with others:

    Friendliness towards those who are happy and pleasant, 
    Compassion for those who are suffering and in sorrow,
    Joy and good will towards those who are honest and meritorious,
    And equanimity, indifference or neutrality toward those whose actions oppose our own.

    No small task.

    Regardless, these are subtle, rich and wise practices that have the potential for a tremendous amount of positive impact for all of us, so long as we collectively ponder their possibility AND remember to practice. In his book Light on Life, master yogi B.K.S. Iyengar wrote this of sutra 1.33:

    “In order to achieve a serene consciousness, we have to be willing to change our behaviour and approach toward the external world. This is for our own good. Certain treatments, known as the Health and Healing Qualities of Consciousness, cultivate the mind and smooth the yogic path.”

    Much of the last year and a half has been beyond challenging for everyone, and in many ways continues to be. Cultivating these attitudes, and practicing them, as healthy habits for relating to our external environment will support each and everyone of us now, and in the generations that follow. 

    From my heart to yours, namaste.

    Michelle & the Aumbience Team