Phase 5 of Reopening

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    As I’m sure many of you know by know, earlier this week the provincial government and the chief medical officer of health released this statement:

    ‘Nova Scotia will move into Phase 5 of its reopening plan at 12:01 a.m. on Sept. 15. Wearing masks in indoor public places will no longer be mandatory but remain strongly recommended when people gather in indoor places, and other public health measures like gathering limits and physical distancing will also be lifted.’

    The announcement also went on to include:

    ‘As of Oct. 4, proof of full vaccination will be required for Nova Scotians who are 12 or older to participate in discretionary, recreational or non-essential activities such as dining out, going to a fitness facility, or going to a movie, theatre performance, concert or sporting event.’

    If I may be transparent, as a small business owner, I honestly haven’t had enough time to both research and sit with the announcement or impact these statements have on our Aumbience community. But it certainly feels like small businesses here in NS are left standing at the arse end of the mule. From my elemental understanding, small businesses like Aumbience are being forced to implement certain conditions in order to continue to operate, and yet big box stores are free to continue on as ‘normal’. This is so very frustrating, and frankly, rather inequitable.

    As a fully vaccinated citizen, I recognize, and respect, the hesitancy and decision, to not become so. It was with a lot of reluctancy and anxiety that I eventually agreed to go ahead with it myself. So, at this point I’m not making any quick decisions. Instead, I’m going to wait and see what additional information is passed out day by day, week by week. I assume, but that might be bold of me, that more clarity will come in all of this from the ‘powers that be’ as to what my responsibility is as a business owner, what my role is as a community member and what my choices are as a Nova Scotian and Canadian citizen.

    Should you wish to reach out, please do so. We’ve come this far together already, and I’m not going anywhere.

    With gratitude, respect and appreciation to each of you, namaste.