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A variety of slower-paced and simple practices that are rich in therapeutic benefits for your body and mind
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In this AUM@home video pack, you’ll receive a variety of slower-paced and simple practices that are rich in therapeutic benefits, light on intensity and deliciously balancing for your entire mind/body continuum.

  1. A Blissful YinYang Practice: With a focus on the sides of the body, this YinYang practice will help to both stretch and release the side body flanks.
  2. A Lightening YinYang Practice: A gentle, uplifting practice to both soothe and lighten your body and mind.
  3. Flow & Restore: A full body stretch and restorative practice.
  4. Hug It YIN: A deliciously simple self-loving YIN practice.
  5. Kapalabhati Practice: A simple morning posture and breathing practice to start your day off right.
  6. Low Back & IT Band Release: A simple but deep stretch for the hips, hamstrings and outer aspect of the legs, hips and trunk.
  7. Mindfully Flowing to Pigeon Pose: A gentle practice to prepare the hips and spine for the therapeutic benefits of Pigeon Pose.
  8. Mindfully Twisted Practice: A gentle twisting practice to nourish all the bones, joints and tissues of your body.
  9. Short & Simple Mindful Flow: Create space across your low back and hip flexors to ease your body after long periods of sitting sessions.
  10. Simple Gentle Flow: Exploring the subtle energetic qualities of Prana Vayu, a branch of Vata dosha, through which all sensation in the body, mind and emotions travel.
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