Week 11 – The Practice

I’m the kind of person that when life throws its curve balls, I need a kickstart to re-inject energy and life into my actions towards my goals. I need an accountability partner. Someone who is not only there for me, but who equally expects and deserves my energy and consistency to show up for them. Having someone expecting me to be there for them literally forces me to show up. In showing up, the work gets done.

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Week 8 – The Practice

Fear is like a cloud that hides the sun. Even though I know the sun is up, sometimes clouds shroud it causing a darkened, diluted, or and depending on how thick that cloud is, a lustreless sunlight. But the intensity and brightness of the sun itself hasn’t changed at all - I’m just not able to see it in all its brilliance from where I am standing. 

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Week 7 – The Practice

in the 90 minutes session I had with the physiotherapist, I learned more about my undercarriage than I have in 43 years of experience. She took such time and care in explaining how and why bladder leakage occurs. It was as much a health counselling session as it was an anatomy lesson.

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Week 5 – The Practice

“…researchers have discovered that sitting time itself is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, even in those who exercise regularly. Regular bouts of exercise do not undo the effect that sitting has on the body. The link between sitting and cardiovascular disease has to do the with physics of how your blood flows through your arteries..."

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