Introduction to Restorative Yoga

Rest is an essential part of a healthy and vibrant life; yet in our modern and busy world many of us do not find time to truly relax. In this workshop we will explore the importance of relaxation to our well being and learn practices to help us rest consciously.

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Yoga + Sound Bath

First, Michelle will guide your through a movement practice designed to help you create space and prepare the body to rest and relaxation, followed by a blissful experience of sound therapy by Jenn.

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  • Patched bucket

Week 29 – The Practice

You know that song where Liza sends Henry off to collect a pail of water only for Henry to discover that there is a hole in the bucket? And repeatedly he comes up against roadblocks and challenges to fix it? I’d say I’m having one of those ‘leaky bucket’ weeks myself.

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  • Dharmic puzzle

Week 28 – The Practice

Like pieces of a mystery jigsaw puzzle, understanding your dharma is a practice of seeing yourself not as a collection of broken bits, but rather colourful pieces and parts that uniquely fit together thus enabling you to fulfill your life’s purpose with a confidence and grace wrapped up in the truth at your heart.

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Week 27 – The Practice

We are immensely complex and layered beings, yet by way of the kosha, we can simplify our parts to more clearly see the truth of who we are. Imagine each kosha like five unique lampshades covering a light. The source of the light, is the truth of our selves. Each lampshade that layers on top of the one beneath has a different colour and density therefore changing the light we ‘see’.

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Week 22 – The Practice

Svadhaya, roughly translated as self-study, is a brutally challenging and humbling practice that requires the individual to actually take a step back and take a really hard and long look at all the ways they move and rest, connect and detach, breath, think, believe and ultimately BE in their life.

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Breath and Meditation

Through this 8 week series, Alison will teach you tangible tools to enrich your life, helping you begin or intensify your meditative experience practice.

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  • Third Eye

Week 19 – The Practice

Ever notice sometimes that even through your eyes are wide open you are unaware of the many things right in front of you? To really see clearly is to see through a lens of wholeheartedness and empathy, void of illusion and denial. Illusion is the belief in something that is not true; denial is the failure to see the truth of what actually is.

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Yoga Basics

Each week you'll learn bits and pieces of the physical posture practice including the importance of alignment and modifications, when and how to safely implement props for support and/or a deeper stretch, meditation and relaxations exercises, and a brief overview of rich philosophy and wisdom that has been transforming peoples lives for centuries. 

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Week 17 – The Practice

This feeling of shame is something I have been working with for as long as I can remember. I don’t know how it came to be but it’s there and it has grown roots. When shame rears its ugly head, I eventually find the will to relentlessly blaze my way through, even if it is only a spot of light in the darkness.

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  • Our classroom, practice studio, meditation space and study hall at the Sivananda ashram in Neyyar Dam India

Week 14 – The Practice

I study Ayurveda because I feel it is a comprehensive system of communication that breaks down and simplifies the patterns of psychological habit, relational responsibility, emotional conditioning, kinetic action, dietary necessity and spiritual discernment all based on the inherent qualities, and more importantly rules, of nature.

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Advanced Asana Clinic – Exploring Backbends

In this 2 hour workshop, you will practice breaking down the components to start and/or refine your backbends. You will learn to use common props, like a sturdy chair, to help support the opening of your chest and shoulders, and to develop the strength, stamina in your body, and the courage to move in reverse.

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Teeter Tot Yoga

Join Daniela Romao in our imagination playground on Tuesday mornings for some singing and dancing, story telling and imaginative play.

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For just $49, this one-time offer to new Aumbience Yoga students is a great way to try our classes, meet our teachers and experience our space. From there, you can choose from a number of options to keep your practice going.

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