Virtual Reality

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    Here we go again. Me over here and you over there.

    After our first temporary shut down, the biggest feedback I received from you, the community, was how much you missed the in-person contact and the sense of community you felt when you walk through the doors of the studio. 

    Me too.

    Owning a small business is no easy task. But neither is being a human.

    Personally, and professionally, I find the virtual world daunting. I feel overwhelmed when it comes to creating posts, updates and just the general sharing of information. I feel disconnected from the people, the spaces and places that help me feel whole. I get bogged down with uncertainty and feelings of ‘not-being-good-enough’ and don’t know what to share or end up skeptical about what I do share. This usually ends with me getting sucked into the vortex of unconsciously scrolling and flicking and scrolling some more. And then I’m filled with guilt and self-disgust because I’ve wasted precious time on fake news and photoshopped fantasy.

    I digress…

    The social media world is a very real virtual reality that we are somewhat forced into cohabiting with. I say somewhat forced because really no one is forcing me, or us, to scroll, click, comment and share. But as human beings, whom from the dawn of time have sought out ways to find others, to create community and to live collectively with other humans, being and staying connected to those who hold our sacred selves in their hearts is vital to our health and wellbeing.

    It is for me anyway.

    As a small business still in its infancy, the virtual world and an online presence is a valuable and important resource to utilize. After the provincial governments announcement yesterday to temporary shut down small businesses in our Halifax region to stave off further spread of this virus, I found myself in a state of panic, overflowing with anxiety and fear, and frantically trying to come up with the right words to share to the teachers and practitioners of the space as well as to you, the community. As the email notifications dinged and text messages blinged, I go up from the computer, walked into my kitchen and let the emotional roller coaster of tears and uncertainty pour out. 

    And it felt good.

    I share this with you not because the business has to suspend in studio classes, but because I AM human. And because I want our connection here on the world wide web to be one of honest truth and as close to real life as possible through a screen.

    As we, (thank god for people with a knack for this stuff) sort out the techy details needed in order to switch to a live-streaming platform, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your understanding and support. In the meantime, our YouTube channel is growing by the upload which we hope will support your practice accordingly until we get our real-time classes up and running in the next few days.

    Until then, take care of yourselves. Be safe and stay healthy.


    Michelle & the Aumbience Team