Week 12 – The Practice

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    I love to learn, always have. As a kid I picked up and tried everything I could get my hands on or in. From hobbies and crafts, to sports and recreation, to music and language, I was so curious to learn as much as I could from the world around me that I determinately gave as many things as I could a try. Just ask my mother. 

    Not much has changed over the years, save for my hair colour. I still thrive on learning. Tackling something new is so inspiring, and equally humbling. My most recent learning activity extends into a place I thought I already had a handle on. But the more I learn about this topic, the more I realize how little I actually comprehend. 

    Two week ago I started listening to Dr. John Demartini’s book “The Gratitude Effect”. As much as I like to think I have been living my life from a place of gratitude, I now see more clearly where I both misinterpreted and misunderstood the process and practice of gratitude. Absolutely I count my blessings, and I do my utmost best to remember to say thank you and greet people with a kind and respective smile. I show appreciation for my home and surroundings, my family and community, and everywhere else I remember to do so. But I’ve never really cultivated a consist and mindful practice of gratefulness. 

    Until now.

    Ten days ago I considered going out to buy a new journal. Yes, another one. I’ve had many over the years which prompted short, irregular and unsuccessful bouts of reflection. I’d have every intention to journal daily, then I’d forget and drift off to sleep before making it happen. And then another night I’d be away and have forgotten my journal at home. Then a week would go by without any entries. And then when I did take the time to write, much of that writing was flooded with frustration for forgetting to fulfill my intention, which quickly turned to blame, then guilt, then anger, then bitterness, and then I’d just give up. 

    But this time, I am inspired to make it happen. So I’ve drafted my own simple, and trusty little digital version that I can have at my finger tips and access from any place at any time. I can add to it from my phone, laptop, or anywhere that I might have access to the internet. I know, great idea until there is no access to digital devices. But hopefully I’ll have a well established gratitude practice by then and missing a day to write down what I am grateful for will feel like going a day without brushing my teeth – gross.

    I realize that it has only been ten days, but I find myself overflowing with things that I am grateful for. I am honestly in awe at how much of a shift this simple and immeasurably important kind of practice this is. My attitude, energy, insight and general mood has moved from meh to yah from having adopted this powerful practice. Talk about a learning opportunity.

     “Gratitude is the key to healing, growth and fulfilment. Taking the time to document what you’re grateful for

    on a daily basis will be one of the wisest actions you’ll do.”  – Dr. Demartini

    Today, I am grateful for all of the events that have transpired, both good and bad, that have lead me to this exact place in my life. 

    How about you? What are you grateful for? Write it down. It will change your life.