Week 23 – The Practice

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    This past week, I felt an honest to god shift from somewhere deep within. For the first time since I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in February of 2014, I finally feel like I have the upper hand in my life. Likely a combination of reasons: acceptance, support, inspiration, and an affirming report from my oncologist. Whatever it is, I am finally ready to put that chapter of my life to bed and move on with an affirmed sense of aliveness, a renewed sense of purpose, and the courage to contribute as best as I can and know how. 

    So, with a shit-ton of work ahead of me and an optimistic mindset, I opened an application to register Aumbience Yoga & Wellness as a globally recognized yoga school. 

    I just got butterflies thinking about it.

    What does this mean? Well, once the studio is recognized by Yoga Alliance, the governing body for our industry, as a studio that represents high quality, safe, and accessible content that values diversity, inclusion and equanimity for all, then all of our workshops, trainings and specialty classes will be recognized world-wide as valid contribution to the authentic lineage and teachings of yoga today. Those who participate and complete these programmings, will be eligible for continuing education credits that can be applied to a variety of health and wellness industries across the globe.

    I have dreamed about delivering a yoga teacher training program for years but never gave it the opportunity to manifest. I’ve used excuses like time, money, tools and knowhow, but much of the reason behind why I haven’t attempted this until now is because I’ve been filled with more doubt than belief. Whether you are the student or the teacher, to embark in a yoga teacher training program isn’t just about becoming a yoga teacher, or to just teach more. These principles that have been passed down over the centuries, are tools that leads us to investigate, intensify and solidify a personal study and practice that engages the participant to get real with themselves. At its root, yoga is a practice of learning to recognize, honour and embrace the truth of who you are. This can only be done through acquired information attained through dedicated, persistent and honest self-observation, reflection and, yup there’s that word again, practice. This is something I am still working on every, single, day. 

    Yoga is a philosophy not simply to be pondered on or lectured about, but rather practiced and practiced and practiced with a continued renewal of effort AND letting go. If I keep waiting for myself to ‘have it all figured out’, my time here will be done and gone and my opportunity missed. In the rich words of civil rights activist and poet Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn.” I know I don’t have it all figured out, nor do I know if I ever will. But I do know that living my life with the wisdom of yoga in my back pocket has been a saving grace. It has been a guiding light to healing my body, easing my mind, comforting my fears, clarifying my doubt and nurturing the undercurrent of life with each passing breath. 

    My intention for starting this next chapter of my life is to not just create content that inspires you to learn more or to advance your career, but to help you see the truth of your potential and to boldly and gracefully express with honesty, your highest Self. 

    “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be

    to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” – T. S. Eliot