Week 24 – The Practice

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    Is yoga a religion?

    Let me ask you this:

    Is waking content and replenished in the quiet dawn to watch the sun break the horizon a religion?

    Is reminding yourself to take a full nourishing breath when you feel anxious, worried or uneasy a religion?

    Is eating wholesome, satiating and delicious food a religion?

    Is walking barefoot in the warm sand in the laughing with your friend a religion?

    Is sitting with and comforting a loved one in their time of need a religion?

    Is allowing yourself to weep at the loss of your family pet a religion?

    Is taking a warm and cleansing bath infused with your favourite scents surrounded by candles and your favourite playlist a religion?

    Is hiring a physiotherapist, psychologist, dietician or financial consultant when you need help a religion?

    Is watching the waves crash on the shore a religion?

    Is gaping mouth wide open, breathless and awestruck at the sight of a humpback whale breaching the surface a religion?

    Is crying exhausted but joyous tears while cradling your newborn child a religion?

    Is holding the door open for a stranger a religion?

    Is lying in the grass watching the clouds drift across the immense blue sky a religion?

    Is holding hope for the future a religion?

    Is going to bed when you really are tired a religion?

    Is living your life as a vegan, vegetarian or carnivore a religion?

    Is deciding to not drink do drugs again a religion?

    Is loving someone of the same sex or different skin colour a religion?

    Is respecting the earth you walk on, begin grateful for the things you have, and treating all people equally a religion?

    No. No they are not. 

    They are opportunities to live life from a place of compassion and truth, generosity and appreciation, and respect and acknowledgement of the diversity at which moment by moment life unfolds. 

    Yoga is not a religion. Yoga is a way of thinking and reflecting, of practicing and behaving, and the ultimate surrender in recognizing your Self.