Week 4 – The Practice

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    This week as Friday approached, I honestly didn’t know what to post about. So many lessons have presented themselves these last seven days. Walking back to my car after school drop off this this morning, another parent and I exchanged a quick morning greeting as we do every morning. Our simple and friendly yet rather meaningless chit-chat got me thinking. Words. I’m going to write about words in the post today and highlight a few words that have come up as insightful lessons for me this week. 


    Have you ever heard of a Human Design Chart? It’s a kind of ‘new’ astrology that is a blended approach of both Eastern and Western science and spirituality. I was introduced to it this week by way of conversation and a quiz. I don’t understand it in any great detail save for the fact that the charting is based on the date, time and location of your birth. From that you are given a rather accurate and detailed map of your personality blueprint. 

    My stats revealed that I am a Projector. In the simplest of terms, a projector is akin to that of a lighthouse. Like a lighthouse, a projector is meant to shine a light and to guide, teach and help others on their journey. I have so much more to learn about my HDC but thought it pretty neat how in this brief introduction I had some pretty cool resonating facts. If you are interested in finding out more about your HDC, here is the link to the site I used that you can do your own quiz and find out more about who you are and who you are born to be. 


    This is a Sanskrit word that I learned a while back however this week it came up in conversation with a fellow teacher at the studio. It got us shaking our heads and laughing both with and at each other. We got talking about how challenging it is to do what we know in our hearts to be the best course of actions for our well-being and yet how easily we can be swayed. Whether it be from external pressures or internal interferance, all too often we end performing counter practices that hinder our health. 

    Prajnaparadha, or what I lovingly call #23, translates to ‘intellectual blasphemy or not listening to the body’s intelligence’. Deep, right? Dr. Vasant Lad, renowned Ayurvedic Physician and Profession of the Ayurvedic Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico writes this about #23:

    “Prajna means intellect. We have cellular intelligence, tissue intelligence and systemic intelligence. The body speaks is own language. If you are observant, your body tells you want to eat/do and what not to eat/do. For instance, there is a pizza in front of you, but your body tells you ‘this is not for you.’ Still, the smell is wonderful and it looks yummy, so if a friend is there and says, ‘come on, just one piece,’ you may well eat the pizza. Then your body will react. This is prajnaparadha.”

    Big lesson of listening, learning, adapting and adopting change. Talk about life lesson.


    I’m tearing up as I write about this lesson for it comes from my biggest teacher. My son.

    Wednesday evening we were once again having a head-to-head butting match. Seems like we’ve been having more of them. Anyway, as he stared frustrated, angry and somewhat anxious at me from across the living room, I asked him if he could share with me what it was that making him so upset. 

    He answered, “I’m just the worst person ever.”

    “Awe honey,” I said while approaching, so I could sit beside him. “Why do you keep saying that? You’ve said it a couple of times lately. Why?”

    With eyes full of tears and an expression of hesitancy and fear mixed with uncertainty he replied, “Because you said I was difficult.”

    I swear my heart shattered and fell like a rock to the floor.

    He was right. I had said it. Twice, actually, in a 15 minute block one morning as we argued over getting out the door to school on time. 

    Holding each other close, we had a lengthy and meaningful heart-to-heart talk about the power of words and how easily we can speak them AND how their context can be innocently misinterpreted and misunderstood. Gently wiping away our tears, I made a promise, to him and myself, to be more mindful about the words I choose and when and what context I use them in. 

    Today marks the fifth week in a row that I have successfully uploaded a blog post. When I was in high school my English teacher noted in one of my report cards that writing was not my strong suit. I remember hearing him and my mother talk during a PT meeting where he stated, “give Michelle a subject to talk about and she could talk for hours. But when it comes to writing, she struggles with that.” (By the way, he was a phenomenal teacher, one that I hold in the highest regard. I know that he meant no harm in his honest grading). 

    Mostly, these posts are in an effort to practice my writing skills. I want to write a Yoga and Ayurveda manual or book one day. But these weekly exercises are also helping me to express the honesty that lives in my heart – the honesty that I want the world to see.