Week 6 – The Practice

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    2021 marks twenty years of my personal yoga practice. 

    For much of that time, I’ve dedicated an average of 4-6 hours a day, six days a week, year after year to reading, practicing, contemplating, sharing and embodying that which my teachers and my teacher’s teachers, and their teachers, have passed down over decades. 

    I feel very fortunate to have studied with and received guidance from world renowned teachers such as Manju Jois, Seane Corn, David Williams, Christina Sell, Anodea Judith, Gurmukh, and Krishna Das. As well as many more teacher students who are less globally known but just as equally impactful.

    So too have many other remarkable teachers of my past and present life. From my parents and family, to school teachers, coaches and directors, to my friends and foes. To the communities of which I have lived in and been a part of, to the community that I currently call home. To my husband and our blended family, to my son and even my pets. 

    If I have learned anything in these last two decades it is that teachers come in all shapes and sizes, and almost always when you least expect them but always when you need them most. And each of them, with their own unique gift of realization as to the message of this timeworn practice, whether they realize it or not. All of them have helped shape my understanding and application of this rich concept that is to be in and of the Self.

    Yoga for me has been a practice of embracing all that I am and all that I am not. Many times my fear, ego and rowdy mind have challenged to sway me from the clarity of this. But day by day, practice by practice, breath by breath, I am learning to be okay with that and too confidently take my place in this gift that is this life.

    In two weeks from now, I humbly embark on a brand new teaching opportunity. Rooted in all the ways that yoga applies to life and living, I am so very grateful to be able to pass down that which I have come to appreciate, perceive and understand to a group of students who are embarking on their own journey of personal discovery and recognition practice. 

    Just a small sampling of my people and places ❤️