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    Michelle had a chance to sit down with a few students to share information about our upcoming Yoga Teacher Training course and answer questions like:

    • What are the recommended readings and how much homework will there be between each session?

    • What will be covered in our sessions and time together (overview)?

    • Is there a cap on the number of available spots for the training?

    • What style of yoga will I be certified to teach once I complete the training?

    • Is there a manual? How many postures will I learn about?

    • What is the cost breakdown and is there an option for multiple payments?

    • Will there be an exam?

    If there are any questions you have about our upcoming training that haven’t been answered in this video, please let us know in the comments below, or reach out at your convenience. For a copy of the power point, use this link: Aumbience Yoga Teacher Training 2021